Linder Village will be a first-class proposal that proudly serves the community. Numerous benefits will include:

Retail Destination

Linder Village will create a new social scene with contemporary flare! New dining and shopping opportunities will bring new events and attractions to make Linder Village an exciting destination. Linder Village will also be a lively gathering space with plaza areas incorporated into the design for the community’s enjoyment.

Economic Benefits

The addition of Linder Village to community will promote economic development in significant ways. The proposal will bring new opportunities for full-time and part-time employment as well as construction jobs. Additionally, Linder Village will generate significant tax revenue annually to help support vital community services.

Quality Design

The new residential proposal will incorporate parklets and common areas to connect neighbors and facilitate a sense of community. Ample landscaping will screen the residential community from the new retail destination, creating a neighborhood oasis.

Linder Village’s retail destination will incorporate a pedestrian friendly design that safely connects shoppers with each of the various retail spaces and provides safe access to the new neighborhood. Linder Village incorporates a variety of high quality materials and is designed to create visual interest through features, such as landscaping, broken plans, windows, cornices, that together will produce a rhythm of materials and patterns.

Open Space

The latest revisions to the Linder Village Plans increase landscape buffers and setbacks, and the proposal incorporates approximately three times the amount of open space required normally. Visit the Preliminary Concept Plan Gallery to view the Open Space Concept Plan.

Traffic Improvements

Linder Village will balance the proposal’s economic and lifestyle opportunities with a thorough plan to maintain mobility and safety in the corridor. Based on a Transportation Impact Study conducted, the improvements this proposal will provide include:

  • Adding a new collector road between the planned residential and commercial components of the project connecting N. Linder Road across the property and out to N. Fox Run and ACHD plans to widen Linder Road from Cayuse Creek north to Chinden in 2019.
  • Widening Chinden Blvd. to ITD approved 5 lanes from Linder Road to Meridian Road in Phase 1 (2020) and ultimately to Locust Grove in Phase 2 (2021).
  • Signal modifications at the Chinden Blvd / Linder Rd intersection as well as the construction of additional eastbound and westbound left turn lanes.
  • Signal modifications at the Chinden Blvd / Meridian Rd intersection as well as construction of a dedicated eastbound right turn lane and an additional northbound left turn lane.


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