Property Overview

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Introducing Linder Village...

Linder Village will be a lively retail destination with shopping, dining, events and attractions as well as a residential oasis close to amenities in high-demand. Located at the corner of Linder Road and Chinden Boulevard in northwest Meridian, the first stage of the proposal will include sixteen commercial building lots comprised of retail shops, restaurants and mixed-use (retail and office) space. WinCo Foods has already been announced as the first anchor tenant to provide Meridian families with the convenience of new grocery offerings close to home!

Residential Opportunities

Linder Village will also offer new residential opportunities for those seeking contemporary living with convenient access to nearby amenities. The proposal envisions high quality single-family detached dwellings adjacent to the neighboring single-family homes and detached or attached dwellings on the remainder of the property. This pocket neighborhood will be dotted with parklets and common areas to create a close-knit community that matches the character of neighborhoods in north Meridian.

The specific residential subdivision layout, design and materials will be processed separately as another phase of the Linder Village proposal, subject to the City’s application and design review process.

Future Tenants

WinCo Foods has been announced as the anchor tenant at Linder Village to provide Meridian families with the convenience of new grocery offerings close to home. Please stay tuned for future tenant announcements!

Future building pad development will occur as separate applications submitted by the various end users and developer.

What's Coming to Linder Village

Linder Village will be a first-class Mixed Use proposal that proudly serves the community.

Features include:

  • A special building design for WinCo Foods that positions the receiving area on the west side of the building to face north. This reoriented building design ensures zero visibility to the neighborhood to the south and resolves noise concerns. Additionally, the dock facilities are screened by a full building height masonry wall.
  • A new collector road will also be built between the planned residential and commercial project connecting N. Linder Road across the property and out to N. Fox Run Way. For more on roadway improvements click here.

January 2019 Concept Plan

Preliminary Concept Plan Gallery