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The Linder Village proposal envisions a lively retail destination with shopping, dining, events and attractions as well as a residential oasis close to amenities in high-demand.

Located at the corner of Linder Road and Chinden Boulevard, the first stage of the proposal will include sixteen commercial building lots comprised of retail shops, restaurants and mixed-use (retail and office) space. WinCo Foods has already been announced as the first anchor tenant to provide Meridian families with the convenience of new grocery offerings close to home!

Residential Opportunities

Linder Village will also offer new residential opportunities for those seeking contemporary living with convenient access to nearby amenities. The proposal envisions high quality single-family detached dwellings adjacent to the neighboring single-family homes and detached or attached dwellings on the remainder of the property. This pocket neighborhood will be dotted with parklets and common areas to create a close-knit community that matches the character of neighborhoods in north Meridian.

The specific residential subdivision layout, design and materials will be processed separately as another phase of the Linder Village proposal, subject to the City’s application and design review process.

Proposed Site

At this stage, the current Linder Village proposal asks the City of Meridian to:

  • Annex and zone the entire proposed site from rural-urban transition zoning in Ada County to Community Business (C-C) and medium-density residential zoning in the city.
  • Approve of a preliminary plat for sixteen commercial lots, one residential lot, one common lot and three lots to be dedicated for right of way.

Building pad development and the residential proposal will each occur as separate applications submitted by the various end users and developer.

Recent Changes to the Proposal

Linder Village will be a first-class Mixed Use proposal that proudly serves the community. We appreciate the feedback we have received from the community, and we have further modified our proposal to ensure Linder Village is a welcome neighbor.

October 2018 Submittal:

  • The latest revisions to the Linder Village proposal include a special building design for WinCo Foods that positions the receiving area on the west side of the building to face north. This reoriented building design ensures zero visibility to the neighborhood to the south and resolves noise concerns. Additionally, the dock facilities are screened by a full building height masonry wall.
  • Landscape buffers and distances have increased, and the proposal incorporates approximately three times the amount of open space required normally.
  • A new collector road will also be built between the planned residential and commercial project connecting N. Linder Road across the property and out to N. Fox Run Way. For more on roadway improvements click here.

October 2018 Concept Plan

Previous November 2017 Revisions included:

  • Rotating and shifting WinCo’s building location so that the truck delivery and receiving area faces Linder Road and is further away from the existing and future residential areas
  • Adding small retail shops more conducive to neighborhood services along with walking paths and park areas.
  • The revised Concept Site Plan includes 5.88 acres of public and quasi-public uses versus the 3.45 acres previously proposed. These parks, plazas, outdoor gathering areas and open space are now located to enhance their relationship to adjacent uses (i.e. residential, entertainment etc.)
  • Parking lot light shields to push the light down rather than out are also being evaluated to help mitigate concerns with parking lot lights.
  • A three-quarters round-about to slow traffic and quell the potential cut through traffic issue along Arliss Avenue and the new backage road. This modification also allows for an increase in dedicated community park space both next to Arliss Avenue and on the southeast side of the WinCo area neighborhood center.
  • Two points of future access to connect Linder Road and Fox Run are also proposed.
November 2017 Concept Plan
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Earlier revisions made to the Linder Village proposal included:

  • Replacing a major retail option with mid-size anchors suitable for soft goods, entertainment, health, medical, service, office, fuel and restaurants.
  • Adding a Live/Work area as an option, extensive buffering, pedestrian connectivity and plaza areas for community use.
  • Removal of the proposal’s original request to amend the Comprehensive Plan’s Future Land Use Map by applying a designation of Mixed Use Regional. Linder Village will proceed in conformance with the current designation of the proposed site (Mixed Use Community and Medium Density Residential).
  • Proceeding with the zoning of Community Business (C-C) instead of General Retail & Service Commercial (C-G) for less intense zoning than that which typically accompanies the Mixed Use Community Comprehensive Plan designation.

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